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Spare parts

Thanks to our excellent relationships with our suppliers, we are able to provide the spare parts for all our equipment. If a part is no longer available on the market, we are able to provide an optimized solution to replace the component.

We can manufacture all parts designed for the machines (inner guides, motor rolls, baskets, etc.) in the same way as the original parts in order to maintain the same high quality for the duration of the machine’s lifespan.


Maintenance visits

Based on yearly contracts or spot orders, we are able to visit our customers’ workshops to check the state of our equipment and provide the best advice to keep them in good condition. According to the final report made by our technicians, we can propose a list of the required spare parts.

Supervision (Commissioning)

As part of our service, we check and start up the equipment after the installation in the customers’ workshop. This is followed by the training of all operators and maintenance staff. During testing we assist the operators in determining the best parameters for the perfect performance of the cored wire during the injection process.


Affival SAS developed the wire feeding technology in 1981. All aspects of the process have been studied to obtain the most reliable technology.

Our main suppliers are:

  • SIEMENS for the PLC, frequency converters, motors
  • DANFOSS for the frequency converters
  • SMC Pneumatics for the pneumatic parts
  • SEW for the gear motors
  • Schneider Electronics for the electrical parts

Depending on customer specifications, Affival also works with other suppliers such as:

  • ABB
  • Allen Bradley
  • Vacon
  • Leroy Somer
  • WEG

We currently use the WINKEL technology to manufacture our telescopic guide tube. This offers our customers many advantages such as:

  • easy maintenance
  • worldwide presence for spare parts
  • high resistance to dust and high temperatures


Affival is currently cooperating with SIEMENS in developing the latest technologies such as S7-1200 PLC, G120 frequency converters, and SIEMENS IE2 and IE3 energy efficiency motors.

Engineering Activities

Since cored wire is our business, we always pay particular attention to the layout design around our wire feeders. The reliability of the injection process depends on the correct choice of all equipment.

Our expertise regarding layout is extensive:

  • LF
  • VD (VD/OB)
  • RH/OB
  • CAS/OB
  • Treatment stations
  • Any other specific equipment

Here are some examples:


Typical 4 Lines Layout

This layout includes: a 4 lines wire feeder, entry guides with rollers (for vertical coils) and side doors, front guides with telescopic guide tube (for better recoveries).

Revamping of 4 lines

This layout includes: a revamped 4 lines wire feeder, entry guides with rollers (for vertical coils), front guides with a side telescopic guide tube.


Combo of two 2 lines

This layout consists of: two 2 lines wire feeders, with 2 different orientation of the wire coils. The front guide tubes go into 1 telescopic guide tube.

Combo of two 4 lines

This layout consists of two 4 lines wire feeders. The 8 lines go into 2 telescopic guide tubes with only 1 carriage.

4 lines special layout

The telescopic guide tube is on a horizontal car. To avoid pulling back the wire after injection, a hydraulic shear is placed in front of the wire feeder.


Development of specific equipments

We are able to develop customized solutions to install our equipment under very specific conditions e.g. rotating structure, lifting table integration, horizontal carriage, removable tubes, etc.